I would like to invite a person to Norway. Which documents do I have to send to the person who is going to visit me?

You will find information on which documents you must submit with the application for a visitor's visa in the embassy's checklist. You can find the checklist by searching for the relevant embassy/consulate here (external website).

Here are some examples of documents that are usually requested when the visa applicant is going to visit someone in Norway:

  • An invitation. An invitation is a letter written by you inviting someone to visit. This letter is submitted together with the other application documents. You will find information about what the invitation must contain here.

Some embassies have a separate invitation form. You can find this in the embassy's checklist. If the embassy has such a form, you may complete the form instead of writing a letter.

  • Copy of your passport (the bio page)
  • Copy of your residence card if you are not a Norwegian citizen
  • For family visits: Documentation of the family relationship between you and the person who is going to visit Norway (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, family book etc.)
  • When visiting a girlfriend/boyfriend: Documentation of your relationship. If you have met in person, this may, for example, be a copy of the pages in your passport that show entry and exit stamps from when you visited your girlfriend/boyfriend. You may also submit a couple of photos that show that you have met in person. You may also write in the invitation letter about where and when you met and how much time you have spent together.