How can I withdraw my application and get a refund of my fee?

The application fee can only be refunded if you have not yet attended your appointment to hand in the application in person. If you have sent an application where you are not required to meet in person, but only need to upload the application documents electronically, you cannot get the fee refunded after you have uploaded the documents.   

If you want your application fee refunded, you must contact the police district or the embassy responsible for your application. UDI cannot assist you with reimbursement. 

If you have already handed in your application in person but wish to withdraw it, even if you will not be reimbursed, you must notify us in writing. You can write a short letter explaining that you wish to withdraw your application. The letter must be signed by you, the applicant. You must send the letter electronically. When we receive the information that you want to withdraw your application, we will dismiss the case and send you a written confirmation.