Can I work at my reception centre?

In principle, you need a work permit in order to work in Norway. This also applies to tasks and work at your reception centre.

You can carry out some tasks and small jobs at your reception centre without holding a work permit. You cannot receive pay or other forms of compensation for these jobs. You are not allowed to do other jobs.

Examples of tasks you can do

  • Show new residents around the reception centre and the local community
  • Help other residents to use the internet
  • Help to make and distribute the reception centre newspaper
  • Keep the notice board up to date
  • Help to organise the activity rooms
  • Help others with language issues during informal gatherings
  • Assist in fire safety work at the reception centre, for example by informing other residents about fire safety
  • Help to sort and hand out clothes and other items that the reception centre has received from the local community
  • Take part in voluntary work at the reception centre, such as spring cleaning
  • Take practical training as part of schemes that promote return

Examples of tasks you cannot do

  • Interpreting or translation
  • Work in the canteen
  • Work in the reception or on the switchboard
  • Building or technical equipment maintenance
  • Driving or transport services