This is what you need to know when you are going to an interview and do not live in an asylum reception centre

  • You are to travel with the cheapest option for travel from where you live (for example bus or train). If you need to travel by taxi, car or plane, you need to get approval for this from UDI well ahead of the time of your departure if you are to get your money back. In the letter summoning you to the interview, you will find information about how to contact us to get your travel plans approved.
  • UDI only covers travel expenses to and from the asylum interview for you who are summoned to the interview. UDI does not cover travel expenses for your family or your friends. If you have special reasons why you need someone to accompany you, you need to get this approved by UDI before your trip starts.
  • To get your travel expenses covered, you can either use the travel requisition to pay for the trip, or the travel reimbursement form to get the cost of your trip paid back to you afterwards. Both accompany the letter summoning you to your interview.
  • If you need to stay the night, you have to arrange for a place to stay and pay for it yourself. If it is not possible for you to arrange for a place to stay, you need to contact UDI.
  • You have to pay for food on the trip yourself. On the day of the interview, you will be provided with a light lunch by UDI.