What can the Norwegian authorities do for my family in Afghanistan?

There is no change in the application process for a residence permit in Norway, and the rules for family immigration are the same. However, there is a change in how you can apply for family immigration.

To apply for protection in Norway, you must be in Norway or at the Norwegian border to apply. It is not possible to apply for asylum in Norway from a different country. Afghans who may get residence through the quota refugee scheme must have a direct or indirect connection to Norway. There is no quota for receiving refugees from Afghanistan except those who have a connection to Norway. If you are outside Afghanistan, please get in touch with UNHCR where you are staying (external website). It is the UNHCR that decides whether you can be considered a refugee.

An application scheme has been established for former local employees in the Armed Forces and at the embassy. The application scheme will be available until 1 September 2022. You can find information about the instructions at regjeringen.no (external website).

You will find information on the application process and how to apply on the websites of the Embassy of Pakistan (external website) and Afghanistan. (external website)

If you are in Afghanistan and you previously have received a final rejection on an application for protection or another residence permit, the case in which you have received a decision will not be reconsidered.

Please be aware that the Norwegian authorities have stopped the evacuation in Kabul.

We know that many experience challenges in leaving Afghanistan now. Unfortunately, UDI cannot help people to get out of Afghanistan.