What takes place when you register at the National Arrival Centre

When you arrive at the National Arrival Centre, you will be greeted by staff and informed about what you will be doing next.
You will:
  • have an interview with the police
  • provide fingerprints and a photo
  • hand over your passport and other ID documents to the police
  • be tested for tuberculosis
  • meet with Caritas, who will inform you of your rights and obligations
  • receive clothing and footwear

The police will return your passport/documents in cases where your application is included in a group assessment. The police keep the passport in those cases where the application is to be assessed on an individual basis.

You will also receive a card for asylum seeker and a D number from the police. When the police (National Police Immigration Service) at the arrival centre have registered your application, they will send your application to UDI for processing. When UDI has received the application from the police, you will get an e-mail informing you of this.