You receive an answer

If you receive collective protection, you will get a decision letter in the mail with information about your residence permit. You will also receive a letter with a QR code that links to a video. You will be asked to watch the video, which is in your language. It explains your rights and obligations. It is important that you watch the video. To watch the video, you must either use your phone to scan a QR code or go to the link in the letter you receive.

Here you can read about your rights and obligations.

Once you have been granted a residence permit, you will receive an email.

Once you have been granted a permit, you will also receive a residence card as proof that you have a residence permit in Norway. Some must go to the police station to take a picture and fingerprint for their residence card. Some have already taken a photo and fingerprints for their residence card when they applied for protection and do not have to go to the police again. You will be notified if you must report to the police. Your residence card will be sent to you by post. It is important that your name is visible on the mailbox for you to receive the letters we send to you. If you move before you get your residence card, you must inform the police about your new address.

After you have attended the appointment with the police, you will receive a letter stating that you have been assigned a national identity number.