May I travel abroad while I have collective protection in Norway?

Yes, you may travel out of Norway while you have collective protection. However, you can no longer travel back and forth between Ukraine and Norway if you have been granted collective protection, at least not without consequences for your residence permit. Please note that you must stay in Norway for at least half the time you have a permit.

When travelling abroad, please bring:

  • a valid passport/immigrant’s passport/refugee travel document, and
  • a valid residence card

If you do not have a valid passport/travel documents or a valid residence card, you should not travel out of Norway. You may run into difficulties at the airport, when you try to enter another country, or when you try to travel back to Norway.

The residence card is documentation of your residence permit in Norway. In Norway, the police are responsible for border control. UDI cannot answer questions about how border control is practiced in Norway or in other countries. UDI cannot issue confirmations that can be used for travel, and that airlines or other countries' authorities will accept with certainty. All travel without a residence card will therefore be at your own risk.

You should not book trips abroad until you have both a valid passport and a valid residence permit. Unfortunately, we cannot prioritise your case even if you have planned and paid for a trip.