If you are not living in an asylum reception centre, you may establish residency in a municipality through agreed self-settlement. There are two ways to proceed:

1) Seeking help to live in a municipality.

2) Contacting the city where you want to stay on your own. 

Seeking help with the settlement?

To seek help with settling within a municipality, apply as soon as possible for accommodation with public assistance on IMDis website (external website)

IMDi will then designate a municipality for your settlement. You will only receive one settlement offer. You may not appeal to the municipality designated by IMDi, but you may choose to decline the offer in order to settle elsewhere on your own. Please note that by declining IMDi’s offer, you lose the right to the introductory program and introductory benefit and will have to manage on your own financially.

Do you want to contact a particular municipality to stay in on your own?

If you do not need IMDi's assistance, you can contact the town you want to stay in and ask if the municipality wants to sign an agreement on self-settlement. If the municipality agrees, the town must sign a deal with IMDi. To apply for self-settlement, you must find a home on your own. Do not sign any rental agreement until the municipality has approved both the home and the agreement. 

If the municipality and IMDi agree on the self-settlement, you have the same rights and obligations as when you are settled with public assistance.

You have the right to participate in an introduction programme and receive an introduction benefit if you become a resident this way.

Please note that you are not allowed to be designated a municipality by IMDi when using this scheme and that certain municipalities may not wish to participate in any self-settlement agreements.

More information about agreed self-settlement is available on IMDi's website (external website).