Norwegian authorities (IMDi) can provide you with a residence, meaning that you get help finding a place to live in a municipality. You cannot choose which municipality you will live in. You only get one offer from a municipality, and it can be anywhere in Norway. It is voluntary to get help from the authorities to settle in a municipality. If you choose not to accept the offer from IMDi, or decline the residence offered by the municipality, this will have some consequences for your rights. 

Consequences of not accepting help from the authorities:  

You lose your  

  • right to an emergency accommodation (reception centre)  
  • right to participate in the introduction  programme  
  • right to receive the introduction benefit (money)  
  • opportunity for financial support from the municipality  
  • right to travel expenses when moving to a municipality   

If you choose not to accept the offer of a municipality, you must manage housing and economy yourself. You are still entitled to free Norwegian language tuition with social studies. Children under the age of 16 have the right and duty to attend school. Youths between the age of 16 and 18 have the right to secondary education (high school).   

The right to a place in an emergency accommodation or asylum reception centre applies until the agreed date of settlement in the municipality. If you do not move on that date, the police will forcibly move you.