How to get a residence card if you applied on 16 April 2021 or later

What is a residence card?

A residence card is a credit-card-sized plastic card that proves that you have been granted a residence permit in Norway. The police will order a residence card for you.

If you have applied from Norway, you might receive your residence card without meeting at the police station again. If this applies to you, the police will send you the residence card in the mail. This means that you do not have to book an appointment. Read below to find out when you must book an appointment.

What do you need to do to receive the card in the mail?

How long will it take until you get the card?

It will take at least 20 working days from your appointment with the police until you receive the card in the post. 

You must book an appointment to get a residence card

  • If you have applied from abroad.
  • If you have an expired Norwegian alien's passport or refugee travel document which you have not already given to the police.
  • If your application was submitted by another person with a power of attorney (i.e. you must book an appointment with the police yourself to get a residence card).
  • If you have applied for a residence permit in accordance with the Brexit regulations (you will be notified to book an appointment after your application has been processed).
  • If you have applied for protection for the first time with the police, the police will summon you to class. You do not have to book an appointment yourself.

At the police station, the police will take a photo of you and register your fingerprints.

How to book an appointment?

Booking an appointment electronically

If you filled in and sent the application electronically, you can now log in to book the appointment.

Booking an appointment by phone

If you did not fill in an electronic application form when you applied for a residence permit, you must instead call your local police district to book an appointment. UDI cannot help you to book an appointment.