What should I do if I am going to move from Norway before my residence permit expires?

If you move from Norway before your residence permit has expired, you can notify us. UDI can revoke (cancel) you permit from the date you leave Norway. This may be in your interest, because you then will be able to document to other Schengen-countries that you no longer have a residence permit in Norway. If you apply for a visitor’s visa to another Schengen country while you still hold a valid residence permit in Norway, you can risk not being granted a visitor’s visa.

How to notify us:

1. Write a letter and explain that you have moved from Norway. Ask UDI to revoke the rest of your residence permit. Write the date you left Norway and your postal address abroad.

2. Remember to write your full name, and your DUF-number or your Norwegian national identity number.

3. Sign the letter.

4. Send the signed letter by mail or upload the letter to UDI through the form for sending additional documents to UDI (external website, opens in new window)