Who can apply?

  • You must have been granted collective protection or residence on the grounds of strong humanitarian considerations or have been granted family immigration with a person who belongs to one of these groups.
  • UDI offers assisted repatriation support to all countries, but cannot organise a retun journey to all countries. The offer depends at all times on the security situation in the country where you are to return.
  • You must provide a Norwegian bank account number in the application form.
  • You cannot receive repatriation support if you are a Norwegian citizen.

What kind of support will you be given?

• NOK 17,500 to return home and re-establish yourself in Ukraine. UDI cannot help you with transport to Ukraine.

How to apply

UDI accepts and processes all applications for financial assistance for home-country returns.

Fill out the application form:

Include documentation of your journey to return to the home country:

In order for UDI to pay out financial support for your return, you must send UDI documentation that you have submitted a Notification of a move (Moving out of Norway) (external website, opens in new window). You do not need to send UDI documentation that you have submitted a Notification of a move at the same time as you send the application for financial support for return, but you must send UDI such documentation before you travel.

You can choose one of the following alternatives:

  • Copy of Notification of a move (moving out of Norway) with confirmation or stamp from the National Population Register (Folkeregisteret)/tax office.


  • Confirmation from NAV, the municipality or a public office that Notification of a move (moving out of Norway) has been submitted.


  • Digital receipt from the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) stating that a Notification of a move (moving out of Norway) has been submitted.

Once you have submitted the application and the documentation we ask for here, it is not necessary to contact UDI. We will contact you if we need more information.

You must mark all the documents with your DUF number.

Children under the age of 18 must apply together with their parents. If only one parent is travelling with the child, the other parent in Norway must provide written confirmation that he or she accepts this.

Send the application form and all necessary documentation to: 

Postboks 2098 Vika
0125 Oslo

If you have questions about the application processing for financial assistance for return to your home country, please call us at +47 23 35 16 00. When you are asked what type of case you are calling about, press (assisted return). You can also send an email to

You can also contact UDI's other regional offices if you would like more information about the programme.

Are you allowed to return to Norway?

If you have a residence permit with refugee status (protection/asylum), you can lose your refugee status if you voluntarily return to your home country and reside there. Read more about "Losing a residence permit or citizenship" here.

Do you have to repay the grant if you come back to Norway?

If you move back to Norway, you must repay all or parts of the cash support you received when you left Norway. The amount you have to pay back depends on how long you stayed in your home country.

Rates for the repayment of repatriation grants:

Number of months spent in the home country

Amount to be repaid

Less than 12 months NOK 15,000
13–18 months NOK 10,000
18–24 months NOK 5,000
More than 24 months NOK 0

If you are moving back to Norway because you had to flee from harassment in your home country, you can apply for exemption from repayment of the grant.