About European Migration Network (EMN)

Who are we?

The European Migration Network (EMN) is a network of migration and asylum experts who work together to provide objective, comparable policy-relevant information. The EMN was established in 2008 and is coordinated by the European Commission.

EMN consists of national contact points in EU member states (except Denmark) and the EMN Observer Countries, namely Norway, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Montenegro and Armenia.

EMN aims to provide objective, reliable and reasonably comparable information on migration and asylum policies and practices with a view to support policymaking and implementation in the European Union and participating Member States.

What do we do?

The EMN produces reports, studies and other publications which analyse migration and asylum policies and track legislative developments in this field. The EMN publishes the latest migration and asylum related developments in a quarterly bulletin and maintains a glossary of migration and asylum-related terms. The network also organises webinars, roundtables, conferences and other events on a regular basis, both at EU and national level.

EMN outputs respond proactively to the immediate information needs of EU and national policymakers. These include:

More information about EMN

Please visit the Main European Migration Network website (external website) for more information, as well as access to annual reports, statistics and policy briefs for all the member states.