Information about NordASIL

About the project

NordASIL is a collaboration between the University of Oslo, Uppsala University, and the University of Copenhagen. The project's purpose is to conduct research on the asylum application process in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The research project aims to identify, describe, and quantify which factors influence the application process and with this better explain differences between the evaluations of asylum applications for certain groups over time across the Nordic countries. By using text analysis, machine learning, and in-depth statistical analyses, the project's research results will provide concrete, detailed, and theoretical insight into a field where significant differences in decision-making practices across national borders have long been observed, but which traditional legal research has found challenging to explain.

About the research material

To accomplish this, all documents from the UDI for individuals who have applied for asylum from 01.01.2010 to September 2023 will be collected.

About data protection

The project's privacy implications have been assessed by the Data Protection Authority, the Council for Confidentiality and Research, and SIKT (the university's privacy council). The data processed in the project is only accessible to three named researchers, and all data is stored on the University of Oslo's secure research infrastructure (TSD). The data is not shared with third parties and is used only for research purposes.

The research project will process personal data based on the public interest and purposes related to scientific research. The processing has a legal basis in the data protection regulation 6 no. 1 e), cf. art. 6 no. 3 b), cf. art. 9 no. 2 j), cf. The Personal Data Act §§ 8 and 9.

Individuals mentioned in the research project have, according to the rules of the GDPR, in principle the right to access (art. 15), rectification (art. 16), erasure (art. 17), restriction (art. 18), and objection (art. 21). These individuals can fill out the form at the UiO website (external website) for more information on how these rights are upheld.


The information will be stored until 31.12.2025. It will then be deleted.

In short (for children, etc.)

NordASIL is a project that with the help of computers will try to figure out how the asylum process works in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. To do this, we have created programs that read and compare all the documents that UDI has on the cases.

To do this, three researchers at the University of Oslo have received a copy which we have stored on a very secure computer that the university has set up for us. It's just us three (Malcolm, Cecillia, and Runar) who have access to this computer, and when we are done with our research, we will delete all the documents again. It is only we three who get to look at the information, and we are not allowed to share this with anyone else.

To make sure we have done this correctly, we have asked the Data Protection Authority, the Council for Confidentiality and Research and SIKT (university's privacy council) for advice to ensure that your privacy throughout the process is well protected.

Under a set of rules called the GDPR, those whom the documents are about, amongst other things, have rights to know what is written about them or to be deleted from our investigations. If you would like to know more about these rights, you can fill out the form at UiO website here (external website), and we will get in touch.