Those who are getting married

Requirements for both

  • You are going to get married in Norway within six months after entry.
  • Neither of you can be married to other people.
  • You must have plans to live together in Norway.
  • You must not have been forced to get engaged (forced marriage).
  • Your engagement must be genuine, i.e. not an engagement of convenience /proforma engagement.

Requirements for the applicant

  • You must have a private health insurance

    You must document that you have insurance covering health services for the period of stay in Norway until you get married. This means that the insurance must cover all expenses caused by illness, and it must also cover treatment due to other health conditions you may have. When you stay in Norway as a fiancé, you must be financially independent, and you are thus not entitled to free health care in Norway.

    Where do you buy insurance?
    The UDI cannot recommend where you buy your insurance. Several insurance companies offer international health insurance. Suppose you choose an insurance that does not cover expenses for follow-up or treatment of a chronic illness you already have or pregnancy and childbirth. In that case, you must cover costs related to this yourself when you are in Norway.

Residence card
After the marriage has taken place, you must apply for a residence card for an EU/EEA national spouse.

Requirements for the reference person