Requirements of you who are going to be an au pair

What does it mean to be an au pair?

  • As an au pair you can improve your language skills and become more familiar with Norwegian society by living with a Norwegian host family. In return you contribute by carrying out light house work and/or child care for the host family. 
  • The au pair is like a family member (eat together with the family, accompany them on outings etc.).
  • An au pair normally carries out lights tasks such as housework, child care and caring for pets (dog, cat etc.). 
  • An au pair normally attends language classes.
  • An au pair is an employee and must pay tax. Pocket money and free board and lodging are taxed as pay. Contact the Norwegian Tax Administration to obtain a tax deduction card (external website).
  • An au pair is entitled to take holiday (external website).

Requirements for registering as an employee who is an au pair

Rights and obligations 

  • You can freely change host family or job, and you can have one or several employers. 
  • After five years in Norway, you can be granted permanent right of residence.

How the registration scheme works

  • If you are going to be an au pair in Norway for more than three months, you are an employee and must therefore register through the registration scheme for EU/EEA nationals.
  • You can move to Norway and start as an au pair right away, but you must register no later than three months after your arrival in Norway.
  • You only need to register once, regardless of how long you will be living in Norway. You can also, for example, go from being employed as an au pair to other employment without having to re-register.
  • You must fall into one of the categories described on the page with information about the registration scheme for EU/EEA nationals the whole time you are living in Norway, for example employee or student.
  • If you meet the requirements for registering, the police will issue you a registration certificate.
  • Registration is free.