Persons over the age of 18

Requirements for being allowed to submit notification of Norwegian citizenship

  • You must pay an application fee.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have lived in Norway continuously for the past seven years, and you must be resident in Norway when you submit the notification. Even if you have lived in Norway for more than seven years, you must have lived here continuously for the last seven years before you hand in the notification. This means that you may not have lived abroad during these last seven years.
  • During the last seven years, you must not have been sentenced to imprisonment or other forms of deprivation of liberty, or to a reaction for a criminal offence that is not deemed to be punishment, for example transfer to psychiatric care or enforced care.
  • You must order a criminal record certificate on the police's website (external website), which you submit together with the notification. When you have logged in to the police's website, you must select "Citizenship" under "Category" and "Notification of citizenship for Nordic citizens with 7 years of residence" under "Purpose". The criminal record certificate cannot be more than three months old when you submit the notification. If you already have a police certificate that is older than three months, you must apply for a new certificate before submitting the notification.
  • If you are a Nordic citizen who is to submit a notification of Norwegian citizenship, you may qualify to submit the notification digitally without the requirement to attend an appointment with the police. You can find more information about the service here.

Fewer requirements if you have previously been a Norwegian citizen

If you have been a Norwegian citizen before and only been a citizen of one or more of the other Nordic countries since then, you can submit a different type of notification.

Your child can become a Norwegian citizen automatically if you submit notification of Norwegian citizenship

  • If you have a child who is under the age of 18 and is resident in Norway, your child will automatically also become a Norwegian citizen if you become a Norwegian citizen by notification. It does not matter what country/countries your child is a citizen of.
  • The child will not automatically become a Norwegian citizen if he or she is married or a registered partner when you submit notification of Norwegian citizenship.
  • By "automatically", we mean that you do not have to hand in any documents for the children, and that you do not need to bring them to the appointment with the police.
  • After you have become a Norwegian citizen, you must notify the National Registry that the children have become Norwegian citizens before they can get Norwegian passports.