Children under the age of 18 with a family immigration permit

To be eligible for an immigrant's passport, you must meet the requirement listed below. If you do not meet the requirements, you will normally not be issued an immigrant's passport, even if you need an identity document or want to go on holiday. 

Requirements that apply to everyone

  • You have been granted family immigration with a family member in Norway. 
  • You must be in Norway when you apply. 
  • The Norwegian authorities cannot be in any doubt about your identity.
  • You cannot have been convicted of any serious crimes.
  • Both your parents, or the parent who has sole parental responsibility for you, must apply on your behalf.
    If you are in the care of the Norwegian child welfare service, the child welfare service must normally apply on your behalf. Your foster parents cannot apply.

In addition, you must meet one of the following requirements

  • It is dangerous for your parents to contact the embassy of your home country and/or the authorities of your home country. When UDI is considering whether you meet this requirement, we consider the reason why you were permitted to stay in Norway and the present situation in your home country.
  • Your application for a passport from your home country has been rejected.
  • You are in the care of the Norwegian child welfare service, and your home country does not have an embassy in Norway that can issue you a passport.