UK national who has a permanent residence permit (permanent oppholdstillatelse - formerly called settlement permit) or family member of a citizen with such a residence permit

If you have previously been granted a permanent residence permit (permanent oppholdstillatelse), you can still live in Norway and do not need to apply for a new permit. NOTE: must not be confused with permanent right of residence (varig oppholdsrett).

You probably have a permanent residence permit if (non-exhaustive list):

  • You came to Norway in the 1990s or before.
  • You have or have had a sticker in your passport stating that you had a permanent residence.
  • You received a work permit in accordance with EU/EEA regulations and were granted a permanent residence permit before 2010.
  • You came to Norway with your Norwegian spouse and received a permanent residence permit after three years.
  • You may also have this permit in other situations.

If you have a permanent residence permit, you must order a residence card (external website). The deadline for ordering the residence card was 31 December 2021.