• You have been admitted to an accredited educational institution (external website) or an upper secondary school.
  • You must be able to support yourself and any family members you will bring with you to Norway.
  • You must hold private medical insurance or a European Health Insurance Card.

Rights and obligations

  • You can work in addition to your studies.
  • You can bring your spouse, cohabitant or children to Norway. They must also register.
  • After five years in Norway, you can be granted permanent right of residence.

How the registration scheme works

  • You can move to Norway and start working right away, but you must register no later than three months after your arrival in Norway.
  • You only need to register once, regardless of how long you will be living in Norway. You can also, for example, go from being a student to being employed without having to re-register.
  • While you live in Norway, you must belong to one of the residence categories described on this page. You may be an employee, self-employed, family member, student, have your own funds, or be employed by a foreign company. If you are a student or are here on your own funds, you must have insurance.
  • If you meet the requirements for registering, the police will issue you a registration certificate.
  • Registration is free.