Working guests in agriculture

Requirements of the applicant

Requirements relating to the employment relationship

  • You must work full-time on a farm, or at a nursery, as part of the family on the farm.
  • You can work for one or two employers. If you have two employers, you must first work for one of them and then for the other. You cannot move back and forth.
  • You duties must be part of the day-to-day work on the farm.
  • You cannot carry out other work for the employer, such as major maintenance work, running a caravan site etc.
  • You must acquire knowledge about Norwegian agriculture and culture through your work.
  • You cannot work more than 35 hours per week. You are entitled to at least one and a half continuous day off per week.
  • You must receive a minimum pay per week of at least NOK 600 after tax, and your employer must also provide you with food and accommodation and pay for your return ticket.
  • Your employer cannot employ more than three working guests at the same time.

Rights and obligations

  • You can only be granted a residence permit as a working guest once, for up to three months.
  • The period you have this permit does not count if you later wish to apply for a permanent residence permit. 
  • Your family members cannot apply for a family immigration permit to come and live with you in Norway.
  • Your employer / exchange organisation can apply on your behalf.