Working holiday for young adults from Canada

Canadian citizens under the age of 36 can be granted a residence permit to take longer holidays and work in Norway.

Requirements of the applicant

  • You must pay an application fee.
  • You must be citizen of Canada. It is not sufficient to be a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You must reside in Canada.
  • You must be over the age of 18 and not have turned 36 when you apply.
  • You must sign a declaration that you will take out medical insurance and full hospital insurance before entering Norway.
  • Your activities in Norway must fall under one of the following categories:
    • Work experience: You have completed higher education and want more training through employment and to increase your knowledge of the Norwegian language and Norwegian society and culture.
    • Studies: You are studying in Canada and want to complete part of the study programme at a university or university college in Norway. The university or university college must have an exchange agreement with your place of study in Canada.
    • Temporary secondment: You are going to be seconded to a Norwegian company as part of your studies or training. This can be both paid and unpaid work.
    • Holiday work: You are studying at a university or university college in Canada and wish to work in Norway during your holiday.
    • Tourist: You are going on holiday in Norway, but you also wish to work during your stay. 
  • You must have enough money to live on for the three first months of your stay in Norway. This can be money in the bank and/or a concrete offer of paid work. You must have 

    NOK 13 790‬ per month

    , i.e. 

    NOK 41 370 for the first three months

Rights and obligations

  • You can work while visiting Norway. If you have been granted a permit as a tourist, you can only work for six months for the same employer.
  • You can apply for a permit with a duration of up to one year.
  • Only permits with a duration of less than one year can be renewed.
  • You can apply for a new residence permit for working holidays, even if you have had such a permit before. If you are applying for a second time, your activities in Norway must fall under a different category than what you did the last time you were in Norway on a working holiday. The categories are listed above, under "Requirements of the applicant".
  • You can get residence permits for working holidays for a maximum of two years in total. Even though you can only renew permits with a duration of less than one year, you can apply for a new permit at a later date, even if you have previously held such a permit.
  • The period you have this permit does not count if you later wish to apply for a permanent residence permit.
  • Your family members cannot apply for a family immigration permit to come and live with you in Norway.