Religious leaders/teachers

Requirements of the employee

Requirements relating to your education/qualifications

  • In principle, you must have a master's degree in your religion or in pedagogy from a university/ university college.
  • If you do not have an education that meets these requirements, we can make exceptions in certain special cases. 

Requirements relating to the employment relationship

  • You must have received a concrete offer of full-time employment from one specific employer in Norway.
  • The pay and working conditions must not be poorer than is normal in Norway. If, for religious reasons, it is not normal to be paid this much, we can accept that your pay will be at least 

    NOK 296 550 per year pre-tax

    . If, for religious reasons, you cannot be paid any money at all, UDI may grant your application on the condition that your employer guarantees that you will be provided with board, lodging and other necessities.

Rights and obligations

  • You can be issued a residence permit for one year at a time.
  • After three years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit in Norway.
  • Your family can usually apply to come and live with you in Norway. If your family members apply at the same time as you, you will receive the answer to your applications at the same time. 
  • You must apply for a new residence permit if you are to change jobs or employers. You may not start work of a different type until you have been granted a new residence permit.