If you were granted your first residence permit that forms the basis for a permanent residence permit before 1 January 2021

You have adequate knowledge of the Norwegian language if you have:

  • passed tests that correspond to the Norwegian exam at level A2 or higher, for example, Norwegian language test 2 or 3, or
  • passed the Bergenstest (Test in Norwegian – higher level) (external website), both written and oral parts, or the Level 3 (Trinn 3) exam at university, or
  • completed standard training in Norwegian or Sámi in primary/lower secondary school or upper secondary school and received a final assessment grade, or
  • completed Norwegian or Sámi studies corresponding to 30 credits at a university or university college in Norway or abroad, or
  • met the admission requirement and received an offer of admission to studies conducted in Norwegian or Sámi at a university or university college in Norway.

Contact your municipality if you are unsure whether this applies to you.