Is it possible to have my expenses covered?

In some cases, it may be possible to have your legal expenses or other necessary expenses related to the appeal covered.

This is only possible if all four of the following conditions are met:

  • UDI changed the decision in your case after you appealed
  • the expenses were necessary in order to get the decision changed
  • the reason why UDI changed the decision was not a change in your situation after the first decision (for example, that you received a pay increase)
  • the reason why UDI changed the decision was that the immigration authorities had made a mistake, for example that we rejected your application because we overlooked that you had handed in an employment contract before we reached the decision

How do you apply?

If you wish to apply to have your expenses covered, you must send a letter to UDI where you ask to have expenses reimbursed no later than three weeks after you received the answer to your appeal. You must attach documentation of your expenses. If you have used a lawyer, you or your lawyer must send detailed information about when the lawyer worked on your case, what was done and how long the individual tasks took (this is called "spesifisert salæroppgave" in Norwegian).

How long will it take before your receive an answer?

Please see our information about waiting times