Changing information in the Norwegian National Population Register

In some cases, UDI is capable of changing some information about you in the National Population Register (Folkeregisteret).

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Application for change of registered information

In some cases, you can apply to have UDI change certain registered information for you.

Suppose you have applied for your first residence permit and discovered an error in the personal information we have registered about you. In that case, you must notify us by filling out this contact form or calling us.

Changing name, registered address and other information for foreign citizens

Contact the National Population Register (Folkeregisteret) if you need to change your name, report a move or want to change information other than place of birth, citizenship or date of birth (external website).

Application for change of place of birth, citizenship and date of birth for foreign nationals who have a residence permit

If you want UDI to consider changing your registered information, you must apply for the change. You must:

After you have handed in the form and documentation of your ID details, the police will send the application to UDI for processing. At the moment, there may be a long waiting time for receiving a response to an application for a change of information. When UDI has processed the application, we will notify you.

If you are a foreign citizen born in Norway, you must contact the National Population Register if you want to change information about your date of birth or your place of birth (external website).

Have we registered any other ID information about you other than what is stated in your documents?

It is possible that UDI may have registered incorrect information about you. It may be that UDI has registered other information about you than what is stated in, for example, your passport or other ID documents you have from your home country. You can fill out this contact form or call us if you think UDI has registered any incorrect details.

New residence card with new information

If you have changed any of the information on your residence card, such as your name, you should order a new residence card when you are notified that your information has been changed.

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