Work, studies and au pair

Type  of application Fee
Residence permits for work (also renewals) NOK 6 300
Group permit for employers (per worker) NOK 6 300
Study permit for applicants over the age of 18 (also renewals) NOK 5 400
Study permit for applicants under the age of 18              0
Au pair permit (also renewals) NOK 9 300
Permit for researchers with own funds NOK 5 400

Fees for handing in your application at a Visa Applicaton Centre

If you hand in your application at a Visa Application Centre, which receives the application on behalf of the embassy, you must pay an extra service fee in addition to the normal application fee. 

If the Visa Application Centre is going to send your application to an embassy in another country, you will also have to pay an additional courier fee. Please contact the Visa Application Centre for information about this fee. 

Fees when handing in your application at the embassy of another country than Norway

Norway has entered into agreements with other Schengen countries (primarily Denmark and Sweden) so that some of their foreign service missions will, on Norway’s behalf, accept applications for visas and residence permits (that entitle the holder to work unless otherwise specified in the decision). In such case, the fees of the country that represents us apply.

If you have been granted a residence permit and need a visa to enter Norway, you will need to obtain an entry visa (D-visa) in your passport. Generally, the Norwegian embassy in the country where you reside will issue an entry visa. 

If you reside in a country without a Norwegian embassy, you might have to pay for your passport to be sent to the nearest Norwegian embassy, either by you or the embassy/service provider acting on Norway's behalf. 

Contact the embassy in the country where you reside for further information.

Fee exemption for participants in Fulbright programs and their families

Participants in Fulbright programs have to pay the fee when sending in the electronic application form, but this fee will be refunded when they meet at the embassy or at the police to hand in their application documents. The same applies for family members of the participants if they apply for a family immigration permit.