Guide to waiting time for applications for Norwegian citizenship

In order to tell you how long you have to wait for an answer to your application, we ask you to answer two questions.

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Information for those who have applied for Norwegian citizenship

Today, it usually takes 14 months from when you handed in your documents to the police until you get an answer to your application.

How long you have to wait may change. We update the information on this page once a month.

If the UDI has to make additional investigations, it may take longer until you get an answer.

If your case is automated, you will receive an answer when the police have sent the case to the UDI.

When the police send your application to the UDI, you will be notified by email or SMS.

Automatic processing of the application

UDI automates some applications for Norwegian citizenship. This means that the automatic processing system will consider the application. «Automatic processing» means that a computer uses the information we have about you and decides whether you can become a Norwegian citizen without a caseworker assessing your case.

However, most applications are still being processed by a caseworker. We are working to improve the solution so that more applications can be automated. If your application is to be processed by a caseworker, it does not mean anything is wrong with your application. However, it will take a longer time before you receive an answer to your application.

You do not need to contact us to check if or why your application was not automated. If we lack information from you to process the application, we will contact you.

The system starts working when we receive the application from the police. The case is either completed automatically or marked as a case that must be processed by a caseworker.

If you do not meet Norwegian citizenship requirements and the application is to be rejected, there will always be a caseworker processing your case.

This information was last updated on 

21 June 2022

. It will be updated again on 

20 July



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