Independent residence permit for victims of violence

There are different types of residence permits that you may apply for if you have been the victim of physical or emotional violence.

  • If you hold a family immigration permit or a residence card for family members of EU/EEA citizens, and you have been a victim of abuse, you may apply for a residence permit for victims of abuse.
  • If you have children in Norway whom you live with or whom you have access rights to, you can apply for family immigration with your child.
  • If your marriage is annulled because you have been pressured or forced to marry (forced marriage), it may mean that you are entitled to a residence permit on an independent basis.
  • If the person you were granted family immigration with has been granted protection in Norway, it is possible that you already hold a residence permit on an independent basis. 
  • If it is unreasonable to demand that you return to your home country because, for example, it is difficult to live there as a divorcee, you maybe entitled to a residence permit.
  • In very special situations, you may be granted residence on the grounds of strong humanitarian considerations.
  • If you fear that you will be subjected to violence and abuse in your home country, you can apply for protection (asylum).

Contact UDI or your local police  to find out if you qualify for any of these types of residence permits.