I have applied for protection (asylum) or have already been granted protection (asylum)

Your rights

  • You are entitled to the same healthcare as everyone who lives in Norway, for example doctor's appointments, hospital treatment and some types of medicine. The right to healthcare applies from the day you arrive in Norway and ask for protection (asylum).
  • You can have a regular GP (fastlege). That means that you can visit the same doctor every time. You can call the Regular GP Line (Fastlegetelefonen) at 810 59 500.

How to contact a doctor

  • If you are in need of healthcare, contact a doctor in the place where you live. If you need emergency healthcare, you can contact the emergency and accident department. Call 116 117 to get in touch with your nearest emergency and accident department.
  • If you need help to make an appointment or transportation to the doctor, you can ask the people running the place where you are staying.