UNE has rejected my appeal - can I appeal the decision?

No, you must go back to your home country within the deadline set by UNE. If you are in Norway after the deadline has expired, then you are staying illegally in Norway.

If you are staying at an asylum reception centre, you will be paid less money than before.

You cannot apply for another type of residence permit, for example for family immigration or work. If you want to apply on these grounds, you must do so from your home country.

You will lose your right to health care and medical assistance.

If you have a temporary work permit as an asylum seeker, you will now lose it.

UDI cannot change UNE's decisions. The rejection you have received from UNE is final, and your case has been concluded. If you have questions about the decision you have received from UNE, you can contact your lawyer or contact UNE (external website).

You can be granted financial support and help for assisted return by UDI and IOM. It is important that you apply before the deadline expires. If you do, you will receive more support than if you apply after the deadline.

If you apply for asylum in another Dublin country, that country can request that you be sent back to Norway. When you return to Norway, your application for asylum will not be reconsidered. The rejection you have received will still apply and you have to return to your home country. If you do not return to your home country of your own accord, the police can send you back.