Religion/belief-based school (Bible school)

Requirements of the student

  • You must pay an application fee.
  • You must have been admitted to the school.
  • You must attend the school full-time.
  • You must have enough money to live on, i.e. at least 

    NOK 137 900 per year

    This money may consist of student loans, grants, own funds that you have in a Norwegian bank account or the deposit account of the educational institution, or a combination of the above. If you have already been offered a part-time job in Norway, the income from this work may be included.
  • If you have to pay tuition fees, you must also have money to cover this.
  • You must have somewhere to live.
  • You cannot have had a previous residence permit to attend religion/belief-based school (bible school) or folk high school in Norway.
  • The circumstances in your home country must indicate that it is likely that you can return home when you have completed your studies.

Requirements relating to the study programme

  • The school you want to attend, must be authorized under the Act relating to independent schools (The Independent Schools Act). You must contact the school to find out if it is authorized. 

Rights and obligations for applicants who are granted a study permit

  • You can not be self-employed or run your own business in Norway
  • If you are granted a study permit, you are automatically also granted permission to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week, including remote work, in addition to your studies and full-time during holidays.
  • The period you have this permit does not count if you later wish to apply for a permanent residence permit. 
  • Your permit is valid for one year and it cannot be renewed.
  • Your family members cannot apply for family immigration to come and live with you in Norway.