Requirements relating to renewal

Requirements relating to renewal

  • You must pay an application fee.
  • You must either be a student in an upper secondary school or at a university college/university/vocational school. It is not possible to hold a residence permit as a student at a religion/belief-based school or folk high school for a total of more than one year.
  • You must have had normal study progression. This means that you cannot be more than one year behind in your studies.
  • You must still have a place on a study programme at a university college, an university or a vocational school, or at an upper secondary school.
  • The education must be full time.
  • You must have enough money to live on. That means at least

     NOK 13 790 per month, or NOK 151 690 per year 

    for the entire academic year. 

    If you are going to be a student for only one semester in Norway, you must document NOK 68 950 for the autumn semester and NOK 82 740 for the spring semester.

    This money may consist of student loans, grants, own funds that you have in your account in a Norwegian bank, or a combination of the above. If you have a part-time job in Norway, income from this work may be included.

Right to work in addition to your studies

  • When you apply for renewal, we will consider whether you should continue to be entitled to work part time in addition to your studies. You can only work if your place of study is of the opinion that you will be able to manage to work in addition to your studies.
  • You can apply for a permit to work full time during the academic year if the work is part of your education plan. You have to ask for this in writing when you apply, or later.
  • You can not be self-employed or run your own business in Norway.