Have applied Leave of absence from a reception centre

You can apply for permission to live away from the reception centre for a period without losing your place.  

How to apply for a leave of absence

The reception centre where you are staying can help you to apply, and they or the UDI will decide whether or not you will be granted leave of absence.

You use this application form (in norwegian only): Application for leave of absence from a reception centre (pdf, 130 kB).

This is how we consider your application

You are not entitled to leave of absence.

Your application will be considered based on whether you

  • have an asylum application that is being processed
  • have received a rejection of your application for asylum 
  • have been granted a residence permit

If you are staying at a reception centre for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers, there must be adult caregivers in the place you are going to stay while you are away from the reception centre.

There is also a limit on for how many days and how many times you can be granted leave of absence.

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