Can my family in Norway apply for family immigration on my behalf?

The rules and processes for family-immigration applications for Russian nationals have not changed. That is, the standard rules for family immigration still apply.

To be eligible for family immigration, you must have close family members residing in Norway. Close family members of persons who have been granted collective protection in Norway. This may be a spouse/cohabitant, fiancé, a child or parents. The person seeking to move to Norway is to submit the application. As a general rule, you are to apply from outside Norway (either from the country where you are a citizen or where you have had a residence permit over the past six months).

If you are already in Norway and wish to apply while in Norway you are subject to special requirements. For example, you must provide documentation showing that you are a skilled worker. Another requirement for eligibility for a family immigration residence permit is that your family member in Norway has a sufficiently high income.