I have a family member who is affected by the situation in Russia. Can we apply for a family immigration permit in Norway, and where can we apply from?

There are no changes to the procedure or rules for applying for a family immigration permit for Russians. This means that ordinary rules for family immigration still apply.

To be able to apply for family immigration, you must be a close family member. Close family members can be, for example, spouses, fiancees, children or parents.

It is the person moving to Norway who must submit the application. The main rule is that the application is submitted from abroad, either from the country the applicant is a citizen of or from the country the applicant has lived in for the last six months.

If the applicant is already in Norway and wishes to apply from Norway, special requirements apply to the applicants, for example, the applicant must document having competency as a skilled worker.

To be granted family immigration, there are also requirements for the reference person who lives in Norway, including having a sufficiently high income.