What is the difference between protection and temporary collective protection?

Temporary collective protection

Collective protection means that UDI does not assess the need for protection individually but gives Ukrainians fleeing the war in Ukraine and their family members collective protection. This ensures that Ukrainians fleeing the war will get the help they need faster.

The permit is limited and is granted for one year at a time, for up to three years. The permit does not form the basis for a permanent residence permit during these three years. After three years, it is possible to obtain a new temporary permit forming the basis for a permanent residence permit. UDI must make an individual assessment of who this applies to.

Ukrainians who receive collective protection do not receive refugee status and refugee travel documents.

More information about your rights and obligations when you have received collective protection is available here.

Individual protection (asylum)

Usually, all applications for protection (asylum) are processed individually. This means, among other things, that everyone must have an asylum interview for UDI to process their application for protection. If the application is granted, the permit will usually form the basis for a permanent residence permit.

It is also common to obtain refugee status and travel documents with individual protection.