Who does what when you apply for protection?

You will come in contact with a variety of agencies and specialists when applying for protection in Norway. Here is an overview of who you can expect to meet.

The Police
You must contact the police to apply for protection (asylum). The police are responsible for with registering you as an asylum seeker. The police do not decide whether or not you will be allowed to stay in Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)
UDI will speak with you to find out more about why you have sought protection in Norway. UDI decides whether you will be allowed to stay in Norway or whether you will have to return home. UDI is also responsible for providing you with an offer for living accomodations while you wait on the outcome of your application.

The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE)
If UDI decides that you are not allowed to stay in Norway, you may appeal to UNE. UNE will reexamine your case and decide whether you must return home or whether you can stay in Norway.

The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi)
Once you have been granted a residence permit in Norway, IMDi will help you to find a long-term place to live in one of Norway’s municipalities.

The Municipality
The municipality you live in is responsible for arranging services such as healthcare, schooling, day-care (childcare) and Norwegian language training.

Caritas is an independent, non-governmental organisation. They provide information about the asylum process, about your rights and obligations as an asylum seeker, and about what it is important for you to say during your asylum interview.

The Interpreter
When you seek asylum, you have the right to an interpreter. The interpreter is a person who speaks both your language and Norwegian, and who can help you when you are going to speak with someone who does not know your language. If you do not understand what the interpreter says, it is important that you tell them. The interpreter is subject to a duty of confidentiality and is not a member of the Norwegian authorities.

The Lawyer
If you are not allowed to stay, the lawyer will help you to understand what UDI has decided, and the lawyer will help you to evaluate whether to appeal the decision.

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