Visit parents or children

Longer visits to Norway

If you plan to visit your child, you can also apply for a residence permit to visit children in Norway for up to nine months.

You cannot apply for visa for nine months if your child has a residence permit under the EU/EEU regulations. You can then come and visit for three months without a visa or apply for visitor visa for three months, if you need a visa.

Short visits
If you want to visit family members for up to three months, you can apply for a visitor visa.

Requirements for a visa

Your possibility of getting a visa

  • When we process your application, we consider how probable it is that you will return to your home country or the country you live in when the visit is over. We consider the situation in your country and your own situation.
  • We will focus on whether you have anything that ties you to your home country, for example work, property, a spouse or family members who you are supporting.
  • If we believe that it is unlikely that you will return, your application will normally be rejected. 

What is the purpose of your visit?

  • If you plan to visit your parents or children, you will normally be granted a visa.