New application fee rates from January 2020

From 1 January 2020, the rates of fees that you have to pay the UDI when you apply will change.

Published: 12.12.2019 - Last changed: 03.01.2020

Some of the application fees will become higher, while other fee rates will become lower. The size of the fees is decided by the parliament and the government.

The fees that are changed are listed in the table below. 

Changed fees
Type  of application Fee 2019 Fee 2020
Residence permits for work (also renewals) 5 400,- 6 300,-
Group permit for employers (per worker) 5 400,- 6 300,-
Study permit for applicants over the age of 18 (also renewals) 5 300,- 4 900,-
Permit for researchers with own funds 5 300,- 4 900,-
Au pair permit (also renewals) 5 300,- 8 400,-
Permanent residence permit for adults 3 100,- 4 700,-
Renewal of immigrant's passport/travel document for persons over 16 years old 450,- 570,-
Renewal of immigrant's passport/travel document for persons under 16 years old 270,- 342,-

In addition, the fee for applications for family reunification in cases where the family member in Norway (the reference person) has a residence permit after having applied for asylum and have not been given a permanent residence permit yet, be reduced by 25 per cent. This will be implemented by the end of spring 2020. The reason why this fee is not changed from 1 January, is that it is necessary to first make some changes in the UDI Application Portal and other systems. 

More information about the fee rates can be found through this link.

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