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With a permanent residence permit you can reside and work in Norway indefinitely. You will also be given extra protection against expulsion. If you spend too much time abroad, your permit may be revoked.

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When should you apply?

  1. The waiting times to get an appointment with the police can be very long. You should register the application online and book an appointment with the police at least three months before you meet the requirement for residence time or your residence permit expires.

  2. Usually, you must attend your appointment with the police and hand in your documents no later than one month before your residence permit expires. Only then is your application submitted. If you apply on time, you can work and stay in Norway on the same grounds as before, until you receive an answer to the application. This applies even if your residence permit expires while you wait. Adults and children over the age of 1 cannot hand in their application for permanent residence to the police earlier than three months before having the required residence time.

  3. Some applicants do not get an appointment with the police to hand in the documents on time, even though they have sent the application electronically and paid the fee well in advance. If you register an application online at least thirtyseven days before the expiry of your residence permit, but the first available appointment is after the expiry of your permit, you still have the same rights as before.

If your application for a permanent residence permit is rejected, the UDI or the police will renew your residence permit if you still fulfil the requirements.

If your previous residence permit expires before you get a new permit (permanent or renewed residence permit), you may have trouble traveling in and out of Norway. Without a valid residence card, you can be stopped by border control in other countries.

If you get a permanent residence permit, you can lose it if, for example, you stay abroad for too long.

If you need confirmation of legal residence while waiting for an appointment with the police, you can read more information here.

Who are you?

  • Child under the age of one year


Waiting time

Check how long you have to wait for an answer to your application for permanent residence. 

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